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blue field entoptic phenomenon 
2nd-Oct-2011 09:58 pm
BBC debates, "Are we losing the battle to save the environment?" Friends of the Planet, WWF remain optimistic, although it is pointed out that the World Wildlife Fund is about half a billion euros (2010). The porn industry, it is conservatively thought, makes about $10 billion annually-- although some people think that figure is a joke, and it is at least three times that. Either way I draw the conclusion that people are at least as invested in raping the planet as they are each other. ["Mother" Earth.]

Neutrinos are found to move faster than light; they are passing through us by the billions all the time, my Holy Spirit. Tachyon particles are no longer mythology, but a matter of time.

Watching the little, phosphorescent dots swimming in the brilliant sky, my 12 year old self becomes convinced I am seeing something fundamental to the Soul of the Universe; in college I finally discover that this is a perfectly normal entoptic occurrence, which most people tend not to notice as they go throughout their day.
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