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If I have children... 
20th-Oct-2011 11:21 pm
I will keep a large library for them, full of books and music and films and artwork.
I will let them wear whatever they choose, provided they can give me a firm philosophical argument for their choices.
I will familiarize them with all the art media that I know, and those that I don't.
I will not pin them into the fallacy of gender, and when they are old enough I will teach them about this fallacy.
I will learn how to cook a fantastic variety of foods for their sake, and then teach them how to, as well.
I will parent with a healthy dose of Descartes: Question Everything.
I will paint their childhood rooms with scenes and characters from wonderful books.
I will introduce them to people, living and dead, real and fictional, who are not afraid to speak their minds, who think for themselves, and who live in harmony even (especially) with those who don't share their views.
I will encourage them to balance logic with intuition.
I will live in, or near, a place that is full of trees and water, and experiences change of seasons.
I will try in all earnestness not to hide anything from them, that they might know my mistakes and learn from them.
In that vein, I will strive to admit to them when I am wrong.
I will play with them!
I will not run away from them when something is wrong with them, even if they say they hate me.
I will share my feelings with them, and make it safe for them to share with me.
I will encourage close relationships between the close, loving friends in my life and my children, because I do believe it takes a village to raise a child.
I will give them space when they want it, and ask for space for myself when I need it.
I will facilitate their discovery of themselves, as best I can.
Even though I personally wish to avoid such things, I will introduce them to the Mysteries, and try not to be offended by their decisions regarding such.
I'll not spare them early knowledge of injustice, inequality, and oppression, but neither will I dwell only on these things.
I will keep a garden, and show them how to keep it, too.
I will buy them all the books they want.
I will teach them a hatred and sober respect for the necessity of money, even as I encourage them to find a different way.
In that vein, should the way they seek diverge far from my own thinking, I will still strive to support them.
Assuming I'm not already in a place where one is being held, I will hold nights for games. (Mayhaps I will even use the borrowed name for this event, "Games".)
I will foster a deep affection for Earth, one in which they see their own connectedness and feel that love returned.
Thus, I will hug trees in front of them.
I will fill our home with art, including theirs.
I will read to them "Two Views of the River", early and often.
I will let them stay with their Grandparents and other relatives, if not often then for long stretches of time, that they might find elasticity in our Heartstrings.
I will write letters around them, and help them write letters as they want to.
I will set as few rigid rules as possible, guided by as few rigid systems as possible.
I will teach them they are animals; I will teach them they are humans, and that these things are never mutually exclusive.
I will take them to concerts of all kinds.
I will spend time alone with them; I will share them with everyone that I love.
I will bite back my words when I find I am about to negate something which they need to learn about on their own (I can really take lessons from my own mother on this).
I will travel with them.
If I have more than one, I will devote time to each of them individually.
If I have more than one, I will foster love between them, which will mean spending time with us altogether and often.
For their birthdays, I will throw them parties as a celebration of life (if they want a party, that is).
I will find a way for them to learn about anything they want to learn.
I will encourage them to seek out multiple teachers.
I will continue adding to this list for a long time to come.
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